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                  Detachable frame

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                  Frame production process
                  Steel plate raw materials ---- Jiangsu Ouge Ge selection of high quality Q235 and Q345 materials to meet customer requirements.
                  Advanced equipment ---- Jiangsu Ouge Ge advanced double-headed flame cutting, automatic cutting a molding.
                  Shot blasting treatment ---- Jiangsu Ouge Ge cut the completion of the framework, the surface of the high-strength shot blasting micro forging treatment, can effectively prevent the surface surface rust, eliminate the residual surface of the cutting process of thermal stress, and the surface Hardening. So as to ensure that the heat exchanger in the use of time does not produce peeling, rust phenomenon.
                  Frame plate finishing ---- Shot blasting, the frame for finishing, to further improve the quality and performance of the framework.
                  Frame plate coating ---- frame first putty powder leveling, and then twice the primer processing, and then twice the quality of metal marine paint to paint, in order to achieve the best finished product.
                  Frame molding ---- after a number of processes of processing, Jiangsu Ou Maijia framework to complete production.

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