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                  Precautions for replacement of plate heat exchanger gaskets

                  The plate heat exchanger gasket replacement is not a very simple matter, usually if the operation method Bu appropriate, there will be plate heat exchanger leakage, string and other issues, today Xiaobian simple to introduce the heat transfer Precautions for the replacement of the gasket.
                  Each heat exchanger plate coated with fluorescent reagent. Check for fine cracks and corroded holes under UV light. And re-cleaned. In addition. But also focus on checking the case of sealing groove. If necessary, to dress up.
                  The bonding position and the bonding quality of each plate heat sink were examined. Sorted by installation order. And then carefully assembled the plate heat sinks carefully.
                  The plate heat exchanger is subjected to chemical cleaning. The chemical medium remaining on the surface of the plate heat exchanger or the like is thoroughly removed by a high-pressure purge device.
                  Test and testing of reuse performance. Inspect the wall thickness of the heat exchanger and the pipe in the presence of corrosion.
                  Remove the aged seal on the plate heat exchanger. According to different dirt. Use acid-alkali cleaning pool for chemical cleaning. The surface of the parts to be cleaned is not subject to corrosion by chemical media.

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