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                  People - oriented core concept realistic and innovative development concept
                  Integrity of the Conservative business principles to maintain the ecological sense of responsibility
                  The atmosphere of freedom and harmony is the image style of scientific civilization

                  Customers - respect for customers, customer satisfaction.
                  Customer satisfaction is a measure of our success or not.
                  Respect customers, understand customers, communicate with customers in good faith, the customer as our friends.
                  We can do for the customers to do their best - wholeheartedly for you.
                  Our mission - continues to exceed our customers' growing expectations.

                  Staff - talent is capital
                  First satisfied with the staff, after the satisfaction of customers.
                  We trust and respect employees, and believe that as long as the provision of a suitable environment, employees can be successful.
                  We are committed to cultivating every employee who is committed to development, to encourage their initiative and creativity, and the pursuit of excellence in the achievements and contributions.
                  We advocate simple interpersonal relationships.
                  Team spirit is our guarantee of achieving common goals.
                  We advocate healthy and prosperous life.

                  Management - professional, normative, learning, innovation
                  We are committed to professional development, efforts to improve the professional quality of staff.
                  We advocate the standardization of corporate behavior, and strive to establish a sound internal action mechanism.
                  We must continue to learn, to break the inertia, challenge themselves, continuous innovation, look forward to full of passion for the spirit of innovation.

                  Business - first man, after work, honest and trustworthy, healthy growth
                  We maintain honesty and integrity in our business activities and keep our promises.
                  We pursue the steady growth of corporate profits to support the long-term development of enterprises.
                  We are pursuing a win-win with our partners to better meet our customers' needs.

                  Enterprise's goal
                  Positive innovation, manufacturing quality, quality service, casting brand

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